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This post is all about Misusu, her lovely patterns and the Misusu challenge.

A month ago I got selected to join the Bloggers Inspirator group with 31 other fabulous sewingladies that created an outfit based on the (free) patterns from Misusu.

For this challenge I selected the Max Tee, Rowan Tee, Olli Pants, Olli Summer Pants and the Finn Cardigan. I worked out three outfits for my boys.

The first one, Max Tee and Olli Summer Pants are made from a fabric by Roo. I love this one... Both shirt and pants are patterns I will most likely use again.

This one I originally created for son number 2. He chose the Lillestoff Elefantfabric and I made him a Rowan Tee and an Olli Pants.

Unfortunatly I cut out a wrong pattern size, so the shirt is too big... But I still have my eldest boy who will fit in this loose cut.

For this shirt I added some binding to the short sleeves. 
The pants got some extra pockets.

My last outfit was created with another Max Tee, short sleeved this time and the Finn Cardigan. I chose to finally work with a lovely panel I bought a long time ago, a little sailor-rabbit.

Fabrics: Kersenpitje & Cas en Nina

At last I can share some great news for you:

You can also participate in the challenge!

- Sew a Free Misusu Pattern
- Share your creation on Instagram, Facebook or in the Misusu Sew & Tell facebookgroup and use the tag #misususewingchallenge

Why would you?
Well, because is really satisfying to sew up great patterns and there's a chance of winning a wonderful prize pack as well.

Do you want to buy a Misusu pattern?
For the duration of the total challenge you also get 15% off your total purchase with the code MISUSU15

Also, take a look at these blogs. They all sewed around with Misusu's freebies


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